Mastering Chemistry – Get Ahead with These Tips

Mastering chemistry is challenging for any student

Chemistry is a course you might really love or truly fear. Most American high schools require at least one year of chemistry. However, in many colleges and universities, undergraduates must take at least one chemistry course as a prerequisite for graduation. If you are planning to continue a career in medicine, natural sciences, or engineering, mastering chemistry is a must for you. For most people, chemistry is a challenging subject, but it doesn’t have to be. This post introduces effective strategies that can improve your ability to learn chemistry.

Tips for Mastering Chemistry

Instead of randomly diving in and expecting success in the end. Plan and record your progress and stick to it. Here is how to do it:

Divide your time

Organizing your studying and time well is essential for mastering chemistry
Organizing your studying and time well is essential for mastering chemistry

Chemistry courses are notorious for a lot of reading and re-reading to fully grasp a subject. If you have a textbook, identify the chapters you have to cover and the time available until your next quiz or lecture. For example, if you have to study three chapters in the next two days and each chapter is two hours, finish the first two chapters today and save yourself the last chapter for tomorrow. Whatever the length of reading or studying, make notes so you can track your progress. Stay organized with a calendar or planner so you can better plan out your course.

Get help early

If you feel like you’re falling behind, try to regain immediately as most chemistry courses move quickly. You may not be able to double the work, but it’s easier to catch up earlier in a chemistry course than to fall behind and save it for the end. Don’t wait to ask for help. Take advantage of study groups, tutoring, your professor’s office hours, TA review sessions and other resources earlier rather than later.

Follow healthy habits

Support your studying with healthy habits. Try your best to get good night sleeps during the week. Most research recommends at least seven to eight hours for young adults. You need to sleep to process new information and maintain concentration in class for lectures and tests. Try to eat nutritious food and go for a walk or exercise during breaks. The important thing is to change gears from time to time and get your mind off of chemistry.

Don’t miss your labs

Chemistry lab is an important component to most courses
Chemistry lab is an important component to most courses

It has been said many times that “practice makes people perfect”, and it is true. So how do you practice chemistry? It must be through the lab. In the laboratory, we understand the chemical properties and witness our studying come to life. For many courses, labs are a central component to their grade or are considered their own additional grade. Don’t take labs for granted as they can serve you well academically.

Use the internet to expand boundaries

As evidenced by the demand for online tutoring services, technology plays a vital role in today’s education, and the Internet is today’s preferred learning medium. Many students choose online chemistry tutors to learn better. Use the Internet to explore different ideas, review course content, and make mistakes in simple experiments that can be done at home or in the laboratory. Gooroo has a number of courses from Stoichiometry to chemical equations. And if you’re looking for a lighter perspective on your studies and cooking, check out the Chemistry Kitchen series. 

Try to understand instead of memorizing

Try your best to understand concepts before moving on
Try your best to understand concepts before moving on

Chemistry as a whole is divided into two main parts. One is inorganic chemistry, and the other is organic chemistry. Most introductory courses will focus on the inorganic side. It depends on your skills, but students are often afraid of organic chemistry and wonder how to perform well in it? You have to remember one thing, and it’s to try and understand rather than purely memorizing. If you ask yourself why something exists or performs a certain way and you don’t have an answer, try to uncover that answer. Sometimes, you might just have to memorize. But when you can better understand core concepts, you can better build future understanding in advanced chemistry. 

In a Nutshell

Even for talented students, mastering chemistry can present many issues. We know this is very complicated. And when you just have to take chemistry for a requirement, the course may give you a headache. Of course, you aren’t the only one looking for a “quick way to learn chemistry.” Try to follow the techniques discussed above, and you’ll surely be ahead of the curve.

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