Making a study schedule for children

You are looking forward to the holidays, but you are concerned about how they will affect your ability to study, right? You aren’t alone. When you are a student and a parent, it can be difficult to find a balance between the joy of having your family nearby and the need to study. However, if you can find inventive ways to sneak in school time while embracing the season, your time spent celebrating the holidays this year will be more productive and memorable. Make use of this approach as a starting point for developing a timetable for your studies that achieves the ideal balance.

You can study any time

Being a parent involves a significant amount of waiting, including waiting for the kids to complete eating, waiting for everyone to put their shoes on, and waiting for practice to end. Instead of letting that time go to waste, put it to good use by studying! You may keep yourself prepared to study by downloading flashcards to your phone, keeping notes in your pocket or handbag, and storing a book in the trunk of your vehicle.

Breaks while study

It’s possible that shorter study periods might be equally as productive as longer ones, so don’t be afraid to schedule a few chunks of time for schoolwork at various points during the day. Find opportunities to sneak away from the kids when they are engaged in an activity or watching a TV so that you may work on some practice problems or read a whole chapter. Your children will be less likely to disturb you or feel ignored if you study in little spurts rather than one long stretch.

study schedule

Family first before study

It may not seem like a family pastime, but when the kids are around, studying really need to be done as a group effort. Have the youngsters test their knowledge of your courses by utilizing previous quizzes or coloring pictures related to the subject matter. Request that they time you as you go through some arithmetic problems or read part of a chapter and keep note of the amount of time it takes. Permit them to assume the role of instructor and test your knowledge. If you allow your children to assist you in your studies, not only will you be able to keep them occupied, but you will also be able to instill in them the value of furthering their education.

Take time for yourself

Too often, parents who are also students may forego the time. It is they would normally set aside for leisure in order to devote more time to their academic pursuits. This may seem to be a reasonable compromise, yet, it may soon lead to burnout and tiredness for all involved. Be sure to make time in your calendar for your hobbies, a sleep. Or even just to read some motivational quotations.

It is challenging to study with children around, but it is not impossible. You may establish a study plan that will enable you to thrive in your studies. It is while still continuing to be an active and involved parent. It is if you are willing to put some fast thinking and flexibility into the process.

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Lisa Lee

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