Lunch Recipes that Help to Beat the Heat

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In the winter, there is nothing better than a warming soup or rich lasagna. However, in the summer that’s the last thing we want to think about eating. Especially because of the heat that’s generated in the kitchen. But, how can we beat it? In today’s blog we’re talking about summer lunch recipes. Plus, some tips for keeping the kitchen a nice temperature. 

Tips for Keeping Cool in the Kitchen

Half the battle of summer cooking is the heat in the kitchen. Check out these tips for keeping cool when making your lunch recipes! 

  1. Don’t Cook. That might sound counterintuitive. But, what we mean here is that you want to limit your use of appliances. Embrace non-cook lunch recipes. Or, use smaller appliances like toasters ovens and slow cookers. If you have to use your oven, limit backing to being an early morning or late night occurrence. 
  2. Dim the lights. Remember, light equals heats. To keep the kitchen cool, dim or turn of the lights and pull down the blinds. 
  3. Stay hydrated. Keep a glass of water ready to go as you cook. Add sea salt and lemon to boost electrolytes and flavour. 
  4. Meal Prep. Make your kitchen use worth it. By creating larger quantities you can avoid regularly overheating your house/apartment. 

Delightful Lunch Recipes

Entrance your stomach with these cooling lunch recipes! Divided into categories depending on cooking style and food type. 


Enjoy these recipes at both breakfast and lunch!


Activate your appetite with some more no-cook recipes!


While they might be a bit cliche for a summer lunch recipe, these ideas are delicious and filling! Again, they don’t require any cooking.


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