Leftovers? Turn Them Into Other Tasty Meals


We hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend! And, that it brought you joy, love, and good food. But, what happens to all these yummy morsels once Boxing Day rolls around? Sure, you could just eat the same meal again and again. However, this can get quite boring, and even make your resent food you once enjoyed. Instead, why not repurpose these leftovers into something new! In today’s blog, we teach you how to do just that. But first, let’s look at the importance of reducing our food waste.

What is Food Waste?

Food waste is food that is not eaten. The causes occur throughout the food systems during:

Ultimately, it is a major part of the impact of agriculture on climate change and other environmental issues. Additionally, if not handled properly (i.e. through compositing) this will also have negative consequences. Thus, the UN’s Sustainable Develop Target 12.13 seeks to halve global food waste at retail and consumer levels by 2030.

So, how can we do our part to help? By eating our leftovers, of course!

What are Leftovers?

Leftovers are surplus food remaining unconsumed at the end of the meal. Often, post-eating, they are stored with the intention of eating later. There are three ways of consuming them:

The latter of which is what concerns us in this blog.

For years, world cuisine has repurposed leftovers. Especially, during the time before the existence of refrigerators and airtight containers. Want to try something new? Keep reading to get some of our favourite recipes.

Recipes Using Holiday Leftovers

Have specific kinds of leftovers? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Note, some of these meals require using fresh ingredients.

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