Spinach and Other Last Minute Veg to Grow


Eating fruit and vegetables from the garden is a very rewarding experience. Not only do you know your produce is the freshest it can be, but you get to enjoy the rewards of your handwork. However, the winter is not kind to crops. In today’s blog we’ll highlight with vegetables, including spinach, are great to plant last minute before the frost settles in. Plus, highlight the nutritional value of said produce. 

What are Autumn and Overwintering Vegetables?

The idea of Fall vegetables is to plant fast growing crops that are ready to harvest before growth stops around mid November. Gardeners plant veg like turnips, salads, spinach, and radish because they provide a worthwhile crop. Additionally, they make use of otherwise bare ground following a previous harvest. 

Overwintering vegetables are planted in the early Autumn (so get gardening, quick). They spend the Winter dormant in the ground and then spring back to life when the temperatures warm up. 

Spinach and Other Last Minute Crops

Early October is the perfect time to plant both Autumn and Overwintering vegetables. Check out what you can sow and the benefits of eating that harvest with nutritious crops such as spinach, radishes, and garlic. 


Autumn Vegetables

Add them all together with some roasted squash to make the perfect Autumn salad. 


Overwintering Vegetables

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