Green Gifts to Give to Your Loved Ones

green gifts

The time to give presents is fast upon us. But, long gone is the need for over-spending and maximalism. Instead, younger generations opt for “Secret Santa” gift exchanges. Here, they share presents that leave a lasting impression on relationships rather than the environment. But, what does this mean? In today’s blog, we define the idea of “green gifts”. And, share some ideas on what to get for your friends and family.

What are Green Gifts?

Green gifts are eco-friendly presents which are made sustainably and bought responsibly. What this means is that the materials used in the gift come from either recycled materials or produced in an environmentally friendly way. Or, they are gifts which are ethically and locally sources. What’s more, the gift is bought with the knowledge that the receiver will use it. It is not buying stuff for the sake of having it.

Examples of eco-friendly presents include:

Some Ideas

Stumped on what to make? Check out these ideas for green gifts!

Homegrown Terrarium

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Green Gifts That Support Environmentalism

Perhaps you want to go more literal with the idea of going green. In which case, these gifts are for you!

Homemade and Recycled

Need something with a lower budget? Then, here are the green gifts that take a more hands on approach. You can reuse:

Say No to Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper could easily back-track the sustainability of your green gifts. Instead, opt to reuse any that you have lying around or invest in cloth present bags (also up-cycled from old clothes)!

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