Giveaway Day: Donate Donate Donate!


It’s nice to be able to give back. Sharing with others not only helps them, but also benefits us, too.  There is power in donation. And, what better day to recognise this than on National Giveaway Day. In today’s blog, we’ll talk about the relevance of this event. Plus, what are where to do some donating of your own. 

What is National Giveaway Day?

The majority of us have more than we need to live. National Giveaway Day offers the opportunity to share some of that surplus. Founded by Linda Eaton Hall-Fulcher, this event began encouraging generosity in 2015. It encourages us to focus our energies on our community. Thus, it is a kind of donation. 

A donation is a gift for charity, humanitarian aid, or to benefit a cause. It can take various forms including:

Charitable donations are also called gifts in kind. 

Participating in a giveaway also benefits us, too. It improves our community and the individuals that live within in. What’s more, giving teaches us gratitude. By empowering others with empathy, encouragement, and compassion, we empower ourselves, too. 

Tangible Giveaways

Tangible items such as clothes, toys, and furniture are excellent to giveaway. Not only can you help less fortunate people, but it also helps the environment by reducing land waste. There are two possible ways to donate tangible goods:

  1. Giveaway to your friends and families
  2. Donate to a charity shop / donation centre

However, please note that not everything can be donated. Bear in mind:

When it comes to other giveaway items keep in mind: would you use the item? Chances are if you wouldn’t use them then a charity wouldn’t either. Conversely, if you have something you would use, consider selling the item and donating the proceeds to charity. 

Other Donations

We’re all aware now of the opportunity to donate clothes and other items, but what if you recently did a closet audit? Check out these other donations!


Money does make the world go round. We understand not everyone has the funds to take out of their pockets. However, fundraising events are a great way to collect large sums of money donations. From coffee mornings to silent auctions, some events can be for specific national charities or for community projects. 

Time and Energy

Have some spare time on your hand? Why not volunteer! Whether it be at a care home or on a building site, more numbers are always appreciated. What’s more, sometimes people just want someone to listen. Being there, even in some capacity, is sometimes the greater giveaway of them all.

Skills and Services

Are you skilled in a certain area? Offer your services for free / a reduced services! Tasks like taxes can be overwhelming and expensive. Help in these areas will not go unappreciated! 


Donating blood save lives! Especially if you have a desirable blood type. In the UK the questions asked before you give blood have change. More people are eligible based on their health, travel, and sexuality. 

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Lydia B.

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