Enhancing the mental math ability of children

Having a working knowledge of math tricks is essential for children in order to perform quick calculations. Young children should be encouraged to learn about these topics at an early age. Having the capacity to conduct mental math is a fantastic method to save time while tackling long word problems or even when answering general arithmetic questions. Let’s look at some of the methods that may be used to assist your youngster in improving his or her mental math ability!

Technology and mental math 

With a plethora of math-learning applications available, app- or game-based learning is an excellent technique to help your youngster develop his or her arithmetic ability. Apps available on the Google Play store are a fantastic method to improve your child’s mental math abilities. Educational games are a fantastic method to keep your kid involved while also helping them to develop their critical thinking abilities.

Reading books

Math books for children, such as these, may assist your youngster in his or her math-learning path. There are books accessible online that provide simple-to-learn arithmetic tips and strategies that might be quite useful for problem-solving. As an alternative to the traditional school curriculum, exposing youngsters to such valuable literature is an excellent method to improve their mental math abilities.

Mental math without a calculator

Because cellphones and calculators are so easily accessible, children seldom have to do any mental calculations. One of the most effective strategies to improve math abilities is to make use of number tricks and hacks that may be used to assist in computations. Make an effort to only utilize calculators when absolutely required. Isn’t that ultimately what the goal of ‘mental math’ is all about? Our minds must be sharp enough in order to search for solutions.


Games like ‘Sudoku’ are excellent for helping youngsters improve their memory and level of focus. Sudoku is the best to boost memory and analytical thinking since it requires us to use both our memories and reasoning at the same time to solve it. That is a talent for conducting mental math as well. Aside from memory games of this kind, there are several important mental-math strategies that you can use while attempting to solve issues.

Repeat the process!

Keep in mind that ‘practice makes–perfect!’ Your child’s mind must be instilled with a sense of “number curiosity” in order for them to not fear the prospect of practicing arithmetic. The more they practice problem-solving, the better they will get at doing so. Math is a game of repetition and patience; the more problems you solve, the more you will learn. With time and practice, mental math becomes second nature, and they eventually discover that it is simpler to perform everything mentally than it is to use a pen and paper or even a calculator!

The ability to do mental math is a valuable skill to have in your armory. It is while you are preparing for competitive tests such as admission exams in the later stages of your education. It assists you in finishing your assignment not just correctly but also on time. Which is a skill that everyone may benefit from learning!

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