Business Casual: What It Is and How to Dress It

business casual

After a year of working from home, some people might have forgotten what it’s like to be in an office. Especially new employees who have only just recently graduated. Questions are arising like: What will my commute be like? Where will I sit? And, what will I wear? In today’s blog, we’ll define what business casual is and how to stay in line with this dress code. 

What is Business Casual?

While rather ambiguous in its definition, business casual is a Western dress code that embodies a relaxed-yet-smart style. It is not clothing you would wear to a party or the gym, but it’s also not a full suit-and-tie outfit. Most importantly, it’s about looking approachable and professional. 

How to Dress It

Generally business casual outlines:

Certain guidelines can vary depending on your gender. Here is a brief run down on how to prepare your outfits for the work place.

Business Casual for Men

Colour wise, stick to neutral tones where you can. But, feel free to add in some more vibrant hues if it feels appropriate to your workplace. Remember, every office is different and may have unique dress code guidelines!

Business Casual for Women

The workplace dress code for women varies even more than it does for men. However, here are some staples that are always tried and true:

Women have the option to be a little more adventurous with their business casual colour schemes. Soft pastels are always a good bet for a little flair of colour, or perhaps you’d like to try a fun jewel-toned trouser!

Dos and Donts

DON’T wear jeans. However, if your office allows them, stick to dark-washed.

DO choose clothes that fit well and make you look professional. 

DON’T wear items that don a lot of logos. Aim to look clean and fresh. 

DO buy items that are versatile and can be fashioned into multiple outfits.

Think of you business casual work attire as a capsule wardrobe. Avoid buying too many items you can only wear a few times, and opt for clothing you could even integrate into your everyday looks.

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Lydia B.

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