Crafts For Kids, Science Experiments, And Other Projects

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With the addition of two new Gooroo Clubs in the past month, we are awash with hands-on projects and courses. Learning by doing has never been easier or more accessible. But, where should you get started? Well, keep reading to find out about fun crafts for kids, thrilling science experiments, and explorations into musical genres.

Crafts For Kids

Both After School with Roo and After School in ASL host projects designed to embrace your creativity, individuality, and imagination. So, it’s no surprise that their upcoming courses boast more crafts for kids fun.

In After School with Roo, it’s time to get arty with materials found both inside and outside the home. No need to buy expensive items to explore your passions. Use textures, colours, and unique ideas to explore your creativity – the only limitation is your imagination! Join Mindi and Ari as they adventure around the Gooroo Studio and Central Park – adding fun elements to their artwork as they go.

angela with crayon art project

Meanwhile, in After School in ASL, Angela guides us through the medium of Crayon Art. Crayon Art is a great way to turn a common creative tool into a vibrant and exciting project. All you need is a:

Let your creativity blossom by combining colours, choosing your own shapes, and building new crafts from the remnants of your sentimental book project.

Science Experiments and Other Projects

While crafts for kids is always a crowd-pleaser, let’s not forget the other exciting content that our other Gooroo Clubs are bringing to our screens.

For example, in Eco Club Payton teaches us about the cycles of our world via remakes of viral Youtube videos. Enforce your knowledge with hands-on crafts for kids.

Meanwhile, in STEM Maker Club we learn about motion and energy with Max S.! Understand how motion surrounds you through the principles of kinetic energy and many forms of energy in everyday life. All by building your own (mini) roller coaster. What’s more, learn the importance of renewable and non-renewable energy as we understand where our power comes from. Cement your learning by observing science experiments you can do at home.

Other Projects

Lastly, but not least, we have Music 101. For the past two weeks, Brooke T., Liza W. and Frank V. have teamed up to talk about various musical genres. Brooke took us through the history of Musical Theatre. Meanwhile, Liza helped us identify characteristics of Classical music styles.

To finish up this exploration, Frank is back with his saxophone and ready to teach you all about Jazz! Do you know why a note might be ‘blue’? Or how to play a syncopated rhythm? Get ready for more improvisation that will get your toe tapping and imagination roaring.

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