College Application Assistance in a Pandemic

Education has taken a toll on schools everywhere during the pandemic. Students across the country are separated from their teachers, social workers, and counselors. For many students, their helpline for tutoring and college application assistance might be harder to reach this year. As we approach many upcoming admissions deadlines, now is the time for last-minute help!

At Gooroo, we want to support every student in achieving their goals for higher education and life after high school. We know you’ve worked hard to get where you are and your passion for learning is important to us. Ultimately, whether you’re looking for SAT or ACT prep, college application help, or financial aid assistance, we have a Gooroo Course for you! 

Test Prep Courses – Master Them All

Are you looking for help preparing for certain standardized tests? The SAT, ACT, and other College Board exams can cause a great deal of stress. Don’t worry. We’ve been in this same position, and our Gooroos have created a range of courses to meet your studying needs.

Gooroo Courses provides SAT and ACT prep videos to help you study
Gooroo Courses provides SAT and ACT prep videos to help you study

Through our test prep Gooroo Courses, you can find a range of courses covering the SAT structure as well as writing and language sections, and full AP courses like AP Physics. Above all, if you’re worried about how to study or you don’t have a tutor, check out our Gooroo Courses to alleviate your test stress.

Getting Through the Common App

You’re sitting there filling out applications to the colleges and universities of your dreams. Are you getting anywhere? Even the most basic questions seem stressful and difficult. However, you’re not alone. We know there’s a lot of pressure to fill out these applications correctly and after a while, you may feel stuck. That’s where our Gooroos come in to help.

Gooroo Instructor Miri Choi shares secrets to Ivy League college applications
Gooroo Instructor Miri Choi shares secrets to Ivy League admissions

On Gooroo Courses, we offer a range of courses on college applications to help you navigate your way through the college admissions process. Some of the courses you can find here from our Gooroos include the completing the Common App, applying as an international student, secrets to Ivy League admissions, writing quality college essays, and making filmmaking portfolios.

Financial Aid – How to Afford Your Dream College

Alright, so we’ve all heard how expensive college can be. You’re probably wondering about how to afford college. What are you going to do? How will you pay for it? Will you need to take out loans? Don’t let any of the financial costs or applications stand in the way of you and your dream school. 

Gooroo Sam shares how to get the money for college by completing your FAFSA
Gooroo Sam shares how to get the money for college by completing your FAFSA

We offer various Gooroo Courses on accessing financial aid, scholarships, and other funding opportunities for your higher education. Moreover, this includes learning how to pay for higher education, so you can focus on learning, igniting your passion, and succeeding in college. Whether you need help completing your FAFSA and CSS Profile, or understanding your financial aid award, we have you covered.

Navigating What Comes After High School

Do you want more information on navigating your college experience? Maybe you aren’t sure what to expect, or if college is really for you. Some of the college preparedness Gooroo Courses that we offer include:

●  College, Who Needs It? Exploring What Lies Beyond High School

●  Hello, I’m Lost: Navigating Day 1 and Your First Year of College

●  Skipping School: Why You Should Take a Gap Year

These are just some of the many different college preparedness courses you can take with our Gooroos to help you achieve your end goal whether it’s graduation, completing a trade, or getting a great job.

Gooroo Courses is There for Your College Application Needs

The college process by itself is challenging, let alone in a pandemic with remote learning. We at Gooroo teamed up with experts to ensure you can get the content and support you need safely from home. And if cost is a concern, we’re giving away one subscription to our courses for every one purchase.

Sign up for Gooroo Courses so you can be prepared for wherever your college experience takes you.

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