Answers to Yesterday’s Crossword Puzzle

Did you figure out yesterday’s crossword puzzle? If you said yes: well done! If no — don’t worry, we’re aren’t going to leave you pondering over it forever! In fact, in today’s blog we give you the answers to all the clues and a little backstory about them. Additionally, we also share a little more about the history of the crossword puzzle. Keep reading to learn more!

The History of the Crossword

The phrase “cross word puzzle” first appeared in 1862 by Our Young Folks in the United States. Likewise, puzzles cropped up in the magazine St. Nicholas since 1873, and Il Secolo Illustrato della Domenica in 1890.

Crosswords in England during this time were elementary in nature and often appeared in children’s puzzle books and various periodicals. In 1913, Arthur Wynne published a word-cross puzzle in New York World that embodied most the of features we know today. Hence, generally being known as the first crossword puzzle.

Since then, crossword puzzles became a regular feature of the newspaper and soon found itself in other publications as well. But, how did people know if they got the clue? Well, in the answers printed in the next day’s issue of course.

Roger Squires from the UK holds the Guinness World Record for most crosswords published. On May 12, 2007 he was on his 66,666th puzzle: garnering 2 million clues in total. His longest word is the 58th letter Welsh town Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch clued as an anagram.

Additionally, women editors, such as Margaret Farrar, influenced the first few decades of puzzle-making. Other constructors like Bernice and Elizabeth Gorski contributed hundreds of puzzles (and their answers) to the New York Times. Sadly, the number of women constructors has declined in recent years. However, publications like The Inkubator offer a space for cis- and trans-women and women-aligned instructors. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, they began publishing these puzzles at the start of 2019.


The Answers to Yesterday’s Puzzle

As promised, here are the answers to the Ultimate Gooroo Crossword’s clues. How many did you get right?


2. The name of our mascot. Our Gooroo Clubs mascot is an octopus named Roo with eight arms that represent the many interests of our learners. Roo is curious, malleable, and creative. Just like our students, the octopus does not limit itself to any one subject.

4. The club taught in American Sign Language. The answer is: After School in ASL. In this club, unleash your inner creativity with projects ranging from crafts to yoga to acting. Discover how to express your imagination with hands-on NYS Standards-aligned learning.

5. What we transform our passions into. Projects!

6. An Eco Club instructor. Both Ellie B. and Payton M. person our Eco Club. However, Payton’s name is the one that fits with rest of the puzzle’s answers. Payton is a composer and orchestrator who recently graduated with High Honors in music from Wesleyan University. His passion for environmental advocacy, education, and activism is spurred by a love of nature and burning hate for climate change denialism.

8. The discount code which will give you 1 month free. You might have seen this if you follow us on our social media! The promo is: JOINTHECLUB

10. “After School Shouldn’t Be An __“ Afterthought!


1. A Music 101 Instructor. Like the other clue, there were a few names you might have thought of: Frank V. Liza W., and Brooke T. However, only Brooke’s name and last name initial fits! Brooke is a composer, percussionist, and teaching artist in New York City. She holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Music Composition and has been performing as a drummer/percussionist for over sixteen years. She loves to play rock music and write musical theatre.

3. Our partnership with Itza Media. Working alongside WWF, we joined the Learn to Save Our Planet initiative with the “Whale Guardian” course.

7. The number of days of our free trial. Fourteen!

9. The product we offer as well as Clubs. Since it started as a company, Gooroo has offered personalised 1-on-1 tutoring services.

About the Author

Lydia B.

Lydia B.

Lydia B. is a Marketing Coordinator and Music Club Coach for Gooroo, a tutoring membership that matches students to tutors perfect for them based on their unique learning needs. Gooroo offers Math, English, SAT, Coding, Spanish tutoring, and more.