ACT Tips and 10 Memes to Get You Ready for Test Day

Nervous about standardized testing or looming college board exams? With the ACT on February 6th and the SAT around the corner on March 13th, it’s time to buckle down and study. Luckily, we have a few ACT tips and SAT tricks, as told by memes, to get you through long nights of preparation.

1. Eliminate distractions while studying.

ACT Tips Meme - Eliminate distractions while studying

Turn off your phone, find a quiet place to study, put on a calming playlist, and get to work. If you have limited time to prepare, it’s important to work efficiently and effectively. You control your environment, so set yourself up for success with a distraction-free zone.

2. Make a test day checklist.

Make a test day checklist

The morning of the test, you don’t want to run around frantically gathering your supplies. Make a list in advance so you’re sure you have everything ready to go. Here are the most important things you’ll need:

3. Get a good night’s sleep before test day.

Get a good night's sleep before test day

Sleep aids in learning and memory formation in invaluable ways. Sleep deprivation can cause an inability to focus on test day, and memory is consolidated through REM sleep, so it’s extra important to get a solid eight hours of sleep before test day.

4. Find a sense of calmness on test day.

Find a sense of calmness on test day

In addition to a calm study environment, you’ll want to have a calm mind as you prepare for a multi-hour exam. Practice breathing techniques, meditation, or find a great playlist for the morning before you begin. Listen to your test proctors closely, and then trust that you’re ready to go!

5. Answer easy questions first.

Answer easy questions first

Answer all the questions you know first and mark the questions you are unsure about for later. On the SAT and ACT, easier questions precede harder ones, so it’s a good strategy to start from the beginning and work through the easiest questions quickly. The best ACT tips are the simplest ones!

6. There is only one right answer.

On the SAT and ACT multiple choice questions, there is only one correct answer, even if it seems like multiple answers are right. Use your judgement and eliminate incorrect answers to find the best option.

7. Your first response is usually correct.

Your first response is usually correct

Usually your first choice is the right choice. Try not to go back and change your answers unless you are sure it is wrong. Students often convince themselves their answer is wrong and spend too much time on one question. Go with your gut, mark the best answer, and stay on track.

8. Make educated guesses.

Make educated guesses

If you find a challenging question, read the question carefully, remember your ACT tips, and make an educated guess. Use your elimination technique to remove incorrect answers. There are no point deductions for wrong answers, so a best guess is better than no answer.

9. Budget your time.

Budget your time

Since there is a time limit on the SAT and ACT, don’t spend too long on any one question.Try spending 10-20 seconds on easier questions and no more than two minutes on hard questions. Use your watch to pay close attention to the remaining time in each section so you don’t have to rush through the end.

10. Put down your pencil when time is called and let go of your stress.

It sounds like you need to let it go

Follow your proctor’s directions as you finish your test, and then stop worrying about how you did or what answers you got wrong. Treat yourself in the afternoon and be proud of the hard work you put into studying, preparing, and taking the test!

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