Ratios, Decimals, Fractions, OH MY! (Middle School Math)

Grade: 6-8

Learning the basics of this math course will help students understand the foundation of some of the most applicable math used today; fractions, decimals, proportions - these are all methods we use daily through tax, baking, rates, etc. Through the next several courses, we will be covering concepts that will help every student, no matter what their future aspirations are. The emphasis of this course will be applying the problems to real world solutions, and ensuring enough practice problems are available so that the lesson truly sticks.

Photo of Beth
Instructor: Beth C.

Hello! I'm Beth, and I recently graduated from Northeastern University in Boston with a degree in chemical engineering. I currently work at a green-tech startup that processes mining waste to make it more environmentally friendly. I have been tutoring for nearly 8 years, starting back in my hometown of Columbus, OH at the local metropolitan libraries. Once in college, I began tutoring at the Connections Lab (an engineering specific help space) and currently participate in experiential education learning at the Metropolitan Waterworks Museum in Chestnut Hill, MA. My favorite part of tutoring is helping students reach those "AH HA" moments and building their confidence in approaching problems.

Ratios, Decimals, Fractions, OH MY! (Middle School Math)

Grade: 6-8


September 10-October 8, 2020

5 weeks (once per week)

  • Thursday @ 5:00 PM

Eastern Time

60 min sessions

Beth C.

Course Outline

  1. Lesson 1: Number Theory (60 min)

    Thu, September 10 @ 5:00 PM

    Eastern Time

    In this session, I will give a quick introduction to myself, and then cover the basics of Prime and Composite Numbers.

  2. Lesson 2: Number Systems and Operations (60 min)

    Thu, September 17 @ 5:00 PM

    Eastern Time

    For the first half of the lesson, we will explore how to represent numbers in scientific notation, exponential, standard, and expanded form. In the second half, we will dive into the order of operations estimations.

  3. Lesson 3: Number Theory and Application (60 min)

    Thu, September 24 @ 5:00 PM

    Eastern Time

    Prime and composite numbers will be introduced, along with factoring large whole numbers and GCF/LCM. Ratios, Decimals, and Percentages will also be introduced, and real world examples will be used.

  4. Lesson 4: Proportionality and Number Lines (60 min)

    Thu, October 1 @ 5:00 PM

    Eastern Time

    Proportional relationships will be determined and interpreted using a number of methods, including graphs and tables. Number lines will then be introduced, along with integers, and how these can be plotted on a number line.

  5. Lesson 5: Rational Numbers and How to Operate on Them (60 min)

    Thu, October 8 @ 5:00 PM

    Eastern Time

    Introduction to rational numbers, and how they behave under certain operations. We will then take it the next step further, and input these numbers into expressions and equations.

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