Got Java? Coding that is….

Grade 6-12

As technology develops, coding has become more important than ever. With Computer Science majors at the forefront skills used in many business platforms, understanding how to code is a skill many employers seek. If you want to get started on coding, this Gooroo Live course is for you! From the four sessions, you will learn the basic syntax of Java along with much more. Java is one of the most universal programming languages and with this class, you can boost your knowledge with a head start and more!

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Instructor: Joanna G.

Hi! I am a partner and the Chief Administrative Officer of a business tech company. My role at the company includes legal, business administration and software development work. I love what I do professionally and attribute it to my years of education. I hold a J.D. from Fordham University School of Law, an M.S. degree from Columbia University in Computer Science, and a B.A. degree in Mathematics (with departmental honors) and a B.A. degree in Computer Science - both from NYU.

Got Java? Coding that is….

Grade 6-12


July 20-August 10, 2020

4 weeks (once per week)

  • Monday @ 4:00 PM

Eastern Time

60 min sessions

Joanna G.

Course Outline

  1. Session 1: Intro to Computer Science (60 min)

    Mon, July 20 @ 4:00 PM

    Eastern Time

    Ever wonder what exactly is computer science? We have the answer for you! To start off our first session, we will be aiming to define the basic fundamentals of Computer Science. This session will explain what an algorithm is and the solutions it provides for us. We will analyze what exactly is a compiler and an IDE.

  2. Session 2: Intro to Java (60 min)

    Mon, July 27 @ 4:00 PM

    Eastern Time

    Understanding Java is easy once you understand how to interpret Java’s language. In this session, we will cover the basic syntax of Java along with primitive types, classes, objects and data structures for the program!

  3. Session 3: More Java (60 min)

    Mon, August 3 @ 4:00 PM

    Eastern Time

    We know that Java has many uses, and in this session, we will learn about the many special features Java has that can help in daily life! We will be looking into recursion and how to input or output files. This class will also discuss using special classes, such as Integer or StringBuilder, in Java to further expand your skill set.

  4. Session 4: Wrapping Up (60 min)

    Mon, August 10 @ 4:00 PM

    Eastern Time

    As our last session, we will cover the library system project, which is a java class that mimics a library system and a user can check out books/return books, and more. From this lesson, we will also start a new project, such as Tic-Tac-Toe or Bank management system, to put your newfound skills in use!

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