The Spirit of Teamwork
Gooroo is an innovative new approach to coaching developed by FastModel Sports, the company that provides professional coaching tools and software to 30/30 NBA teams and over 90% of Division I college teams. For over ten years, FastModel Sports has revolutionized sports software to help coaches stay organized, improve practices, build their playbooks and create scouting reports and game plans.
Gooroo believes that playing on a team helps kids become successful people, not just good athletes. Our goal is to help coaches instill a love of sports in kids. That way they will carry the spirit of teamwork, commitment and achievement through life, to do their best in every venture. We also believe in the potential of every coach to be an exceptional leader. We want to make it easy for them to guide and inspire their players.
"As a coach, you know you have to practice a lot to get what you want - in sports, in life, in anything. That's why we created Gooroo - to help youth league coaches and parents keep more kids in the game by keeping more fun in the fundamentals. We're thrilled to share this awesome content with you!"
ROSS COMERFORD, Founder: FastModel Sports
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